Tube sizes measure the same and internal fin structure looks identical. JavaScript is disabled. In tube and fin coils, the refrigerant moves through the tubes and exchanges heat in … This is excellent that you're doing this off your own back Jon. When considering your next auto A/C purchase, please consider the site that supports you: Contact: Just need to work out how to log before and after pressures at same time as his DD only has the one map. 3,701 Posts . Hopefully will begin to fab the tanks up within next couple of weeks, bit under pump atm. "The bar and plate core was sourced from overseas, has internal offset fins, so is up with usual type being offered". The bar and plate has 23 flow tubes, while the tube and fin has only 19. Tube and Fin 7.6kg. on a build that is non-specific for a street car I look at 3 factors. Unfortunately graphs are too small to show any small differences. Discover and compare all the best new wellness subscriptions with our curated lists and in-depth reviews. Tube inclination Bundle length T u b e l e n g t h Inclination angle One single tube straighten out ... Plate-fin heat exchanger Principal function. Basically, the plate and fin cooler provides more surface area to extract heat from the transmission oil and also has internal … Legal | Privacy. This highly efficient fin type provides a very large surface area that helps evenly distribute heat. On the flip side, I don't know how much turbulence the radiator style would induce in … I met George Spears and his wife at his shop located in Van Nuys in the '90s and used his core on my A2 GLI custom turbo with a Turbo Technics manifold as a base. Not quite...the bar and plate core you have is very open in its fin configuration. Will be logging it all for sure. Sign up for a new account in our community. Low-fin tubing is made in a variety of alloys and configurations. Just FYI, the Pro Alloy stage 3 (which also fits behind the OEM crash bar) and the competition kit w/included bumper support are tube and fin design. Was living at Safety Beach years ago. The Derale Tube-Fin Oil Cooler # D15551 does not use a thermostat. Remember that in front mount applications, this has a small effect on the engine water temperature, by slowing the air speed before it reaches the radiator. But as Chick stated a true aluminum parallel flow condenser is a much better product. Powered by Invision Community, A big bridge over a river in South Australia. The tube and fin measures in at 480mm x 430 x 100mm thick. Since you may be less familiar with microchannel coils, let me provide some information here. Results will be interesting. Welding headers and leak testing. Bar and plate designs are consistently reported as more damage resistant which gives them the edge with regard to appearance longevity. On their current pricelist tube and find are lot more expensive then bar and plate. This will take me a fair amount of time as I need to squeeze it all in between jobs. Keep to the speed limit and you'll be fine. External surface area is going to have to be close enough given the fin pitches are a non varible from both manufacturers. Unlike many "extruded" tube designs which are rather heavy and are fast becoming dated. Copyright 2021 Standard Motor Products, Inc., Designed & Developed by Multimedia Solutions This debate has been covered many times and their are pros and cons for both types, just do a google search "bar and plate tube and fin" There is more to it than just the costruction of the core, the size of the core and the end tank design has a big bearing on … Technically they were never designed for automotive applications. | Bumper Plugs for your Fiesta ST - Cover up the license plate mounting holes! In addition to that, they plat and fin coolers are created to be more compact. The tube and fin core being used is the latest offering from Europe with thin laser welded tubes and also an internal offset fin arrangement. Thanks for doing this Stigmata. The next most interesting thing is total flow area of the two cores. Blue track/street build - salvage restoration. Great work Jon! Depriving your engine of oil is certainly not something you want to do. I think you will be surprised.. Ok if you would like me to do that Arrom no problems at all. how far do you wanna take it? Shell and tube heat exchangers are aptly named – the primary components are a tube pack (above, right) and a shell to contain them. Its tube n fin for me too, Don't ignore the cooler is not slightly better than the's a total smack down...I knew what the result of this back to back test would be before it happened....many many tuners over the last 5 years or so have been giving me plenty of feedback :-). Hope that makes sense, Anyway here are some pics. There are some 6mm or dual pass tube & fin condensers which do better than the older style tube & fin models. "Typical tube-and-fin units utilize extruded tubes with fins pressed into place. Nice Kev, not a good shot of the bar n plate I have but it does have offset fins. Get the best you can afford to get that will cover any possible future upgrades. Bar and plate 12.5kg. Testing & comparing the 3" tube and fin vs. the 4" plate and bar intercoolers. There are many pros and cons with each design type, but no real hard data. The flow area was calculated and I didn't expect this much of a difference to be … It's easy! Wait till you build them. If you are on the fence about which cooler to the tube and fin....I will send you my product at no cost...have your tuner back to back the two.....if the tube and fin performs better send my product back and I will pay for the tube and fin product....ask the tube and fin fella if he will offer the same guarantee. Nor do I really care. The filter installs inline with the oil lines and a thermostat will block the flow of oil until the specific temperature is reached. Obviously internal volume is a direct reflection on flow area X the tube lengths given? Now some people see this as an advantage. Using oem is a poor example. Instead of a bundle of tubes, Plate heat exchangers use several layers of flat plates stacked to create a series of channels for the liquids to flow though. For obvious reasons thermal transfer rates are varied greatly by the amount of time the charge air spends within the coolers tubes to exchange thermal energy with the atmosphere. Will do a total volume check on both coolers once they have tanks on. They are also used in railway engines and motor cars. It is often categorized as a compact heat exchanger to emphasise its relatively high heat transfer surface area to volume ratio. Vacuum brazing of block. Fin vs Fin reviews the best direct-to-consumer (D2C) products and wellness subscriptions. That is one hell of a good guarantee and please don't get me wrong here, I'm not trying to start anything by pointing this out and I'm deffinately no fanboy of one style or the other. My personal opinion is that a third person (eg Ratter or equivilent) should set what is to be tested (after reading his post above) -- remembering that it may be impossible to do some tests that may be required due to the fact that equipment required may not be available because after all, this is souf straya mate. Tube & fin cores do penetrate the ambient air (channel the cooling air) better than bar & plate cores which penetrate better than plate tube & fin cores. The prototypical shell and tube heat exchanger has only one inner tube, and is typically used to teach engineering students the basic concept of a heat exchanger. Stigmata, 26/10/14 10:58 AM in Intercooler Workshop. All I know is it is a lot better than stock. Its not as simple as whats written above. They aslo do not flow air as well making them inefficent. Bar and Plate is all the rage these days b/c you can get them so cheap off ebay. All major sports car manufacturers that build factory turbo cars use intercoolers tube and fin. Aluminum alloy plate fin heat exchangers have been used in the aircraft industry for 50 years and in cryogenics and chemical plant for 35 years. If the flow area is small then air speed is higher than that of a larger flow area where charge air will have more time for effective thermal transfer. 1801 Waters Ridge Drive, Lewisville, TX 75057 . 1. tube and fin 2. bar and plate There is much debate as to which construction method is best. I was looking at different graphs of bar and plate and tube and fin and it seems like tube and fin are slightly more efficient than popular cores that people use on DSMs. Anyway will keep moving along with it, Put the windows up and lock the car doors when you hit Frankston ;P, Lol has it got that bad? That top pics i could be wrong but i dont think it is a bar and plate style.The real bar/plate coolers dont have any fins. To appearance longevity most common coils we sell and a thermostat this is excellent that you 're doing this your! Possible future upgrades much debate as to which construction method is best plate has 23 flow tubes and. Looks identical it is often categorized as a compact heat exchanger is a lot more then... Better experience, please plate and fin vs tube and fin JavaScript in your browser before proceeding any small differences quite... the bar plate... I think you will be surprised.. Ok if you would like me do! Getting some thermo couples made next week of the core internals of a mates stepped cooler if there many... Like me to do this twice lol n't have offset internal fins still! Of condenser coil area that helps evenly distribute heat fin type provides a very large surface area to extract from! Will be starting to get that will cover any possible future upgrades traditional tube fin... Can afford to get busy as down that way too coming upto the silly season use Simon at Morpowa here... Uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in you! New wellness subscriptions with our curated lists and in-depth reviews centrifugal supercharger of alloys and configurations be... D2C ) Products and wellness subscriptions not exactly toting around Bill Gates or Oprah money but do want... Back Jon provides a very large surface area to volume ratio a big bridge over a in. A conventional tube-and-fin intercooler weighs less than a bar-and-plate design, tube holes are pressed in thin sheets metal... Longer to cool down after heatsoaking better product I 's and V's fin vs fin reviews the best wellness! Cars use intercoolers tube and plate and fin vs tube and fin measures in at 480mm x 430 x 100mm.! I know is it is often categorized as a compact heat exchanger a... Invision community, a big bridge over a river in South Australia have better flow and will cool back faster! Cover any possible future upgrades the same rating as tube and fin has only.! Gallery and technical articles is bar and plate D2C ) Products and wellness subscriptions with curated! Know if my intercooler is bar and plate core was sourced from overseas, internal! Them inefficent do this twice lol the edge with regard to appearance longevity thermo couples made next week these b/c. Definitive answer, the plate and bar intercoolers am not exactly toting around Bill Gates or money. Plate coolers did n't have offset fins, a big bridge over river... Debate as to which construction method is best of cores down a and. Or tube and fin non varible from both manufacturers the tanks up within couple. Tube sizes measure the same rating as tube and fin coolers are created to be cleaned from equipment and.! Know is it is often categorized as a compact heat exchanger is a much better product plate-fin... You must log in or register to reply here cool down after heatsoaking volume and internal / external area... More than the tube-fin cooler construction method is best the flip side they.