wooden shield1NON SANS DROICT (not without right”, “by one’s own merit”) is the family motto of William Shakespeare (1564-1616), the author of Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet and other masterpieces of the Western theatre. Intended as a tribute to Shakespeare, our NON SANS DROICT affix is also a perfect motto for these two fantastic breeds: the French Bulldog (Boule or Frenchie) and the Pyrenean Mountain Dog or Great Pyrenean (Patou). Both had humble origins and conquered a well deserved fame “by their own merit”, thanks to their unique qualities. An overview of their history and of their distinctive features may be found in the following pages of our site. 

Our NON SANS DROICT family started in 2007. Based on much search and research, besides years of experience in showing and breeding in my native Brazil, I sought to bring to my Portuguese home some of the best European bloodlines: from the Netherlands, from France, from Spain, from Portugal. Our major concerns are the health, the temperament, the conformity to the standard of the breed and - lest but not least - the beauty of the dogs. Our veterinary support is provided by the dedicated doctors of the HVBV – Veterinary Hospital of the Baixo Vouga, a reference in the field in Portugal.

CasaCuria  Avenida Curia

We live at Curia, a spa in the heart of Portugal, close to Coimbra, surrounded by lots of green and plenty of peace, where we can pay a special attention to each of our boules & patous, and to receive all the tenderness and joy they want to give us. As a small family breeder, we usually don’t have more than two litters a year.


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In the showrings, we were rewarded with Portuguese Championships, Multi-Championship, International Championship and Best dog of the Breed of the Year 2009 from the CPC (the Portuguese Kennel Club). 


Aase Campe  Moita  Zadie Campe 06 Jul 2009

If you wish for more information on boules and patous, fell free to get in touch or come to visit us, you will always be welcome. 


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